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Hey I've done a lot more than that, just haven't posted everything. Sheesh
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Thanks, pTart. I will give that a try. I can't believe the all fire bomb team works because I have yet to be unable to beat them. Kinda easy when they suicide on you. /shrug. I wish I could share...
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Hey guys, this is the team I roll with on both defense and offense.
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Oh you finally did it!? I missed it. Congrats. What were the final totals?
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Already did all of those.

Good luck, Laus!
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I think those were fixed in my later post, just not the original. I did a new post to "bump" the thread, but yeah if you don't see that it's not in sync. I'll use the bump post to update my original...
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Okay, I'll add more for you specifically.
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Oh Neverwinter! That game ate so much of my time up. I think it might be my most played Xbox One game.
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I played the 360 version up until an achievement glitched on me (specifically when you choose a side and there is an achievement for each, I got neither).. So yeah, fired it up with remastered X1...
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Great point, I'm going to add my two Nintendo Switch games!
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Third year in a row now to write these down. Last year while I accomplished lots of my goals it was never really rewarding so this year I want to screw all the normal stuff and instead play these...
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I lost a friend to suicide, that sucks. It's been years and I still think of him often.
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Yup, I've got it. Owned it here for ages, just never got motivated enough to play it. Basically the story of my entire 2017. I honestly only played hard for a week and that was for pTart's birthday...
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Okay, here is my 2017 final results. Not very good.

Badges - GamertagNation These are the badges I intend to get this year, hopefully never letting Fshguy have the lead for more than a few hours....
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I wouldn't count on an ACA deal anytime soon. They are already only $8 each, and they were out on PS well before ever even starting to come to Xbox. Hamster has been putting out the entire Neo Geo...
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

Better yet "Where's Eric?" and the graphic could look like a Waldo shirt.
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Hmm, you know, the more I look the more I think that maybe syncing is working but whatever does the summaries for everyone that the right panel is what is down. It synced my games from last night,...
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I can trigger a sync on my own per game and it works, but every person I checked has not synced since 10/3.
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Skeptics might suggest that trying to turn the guild into a power guild killed it.
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

OH, that's much better. And easy for me ;)
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

Something with Back Compat would be cool, but those numbers are way too low if that was the case. You can have 50 achievements in one game and you don't even have to play it on the X to get the badge.
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