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Thank you, this is what happens when you're somewhat unplugged for 8 months, you forget things.
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Yeah it does. Another thing I was wondering was if I could just trade in my Xbone for a slim then redownload everything since I do have Live. I was also wondering if saves transfer as well. It sounds...
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I'll rephrase. For 360 I upgraded from an original to a slim I had to buy a harddrive transfer device to transfer to the new harddrive.

With the Xbone, the harddrives are internal and I haven't...
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Can you transfer/re download all arcade/console games from your original Xbone? If you can then I'm sold.

Bonus if you can get your old save files.

However as nice as this sounds, I think MS...
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Davos can be Tirion's Hand of the King.

They'll make the ultimate ticket.
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I really hope they don't take over Ubisoft.
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I'm really fine with everything that one except for one award.


Other than that, I can't argue any of the winners.
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Here comes the MONEY!!!!!! here comes the money.....MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!

$260 million worldwide opening weekend.
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Thanks for the comments guys. I'm honored to have been picked.
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Thread: Poll: Genre Badges 2.0

Kept you waiting huh? What's happening Fshguy?
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Thread: Poll: Genre Badges 2.0

Genre badges again....are we sure we want that can of worms again?
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I had Antman, but no Star Wars or Batman vs Superman.
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Well we are getting Killer Croc in the Suicide Squad movie so that's a plus.
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Retail #2
The Walking Dead
1.37 Two out of Three
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Retail #1
Assassin's Creed Unity
4.06 - I Got Skills
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Post however its easiest for you, PTart will be able to record it into her log no matter how you label it.
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Thread: RIP Stuart Scott
Forum: Sports

A very sad day for sports fans everywhere, we lost one of the great voices.

R.I.P Stuart.
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Looks like we have started already
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Based on everything I have read, to me Disney Infinity 2.0 seems like the best game. You get the Disney Princesses on one side, and the Avengers on the other. But since I have not played any of...
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Happens every other year now...comics get way too confusing.
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