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Come next week we will all be exploiting the new raid in the DLC.
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All the official Gamertag Nation Forza 2 Club is now available. Tag is GTN.

Rick join the new club
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Thread: Destiny Raid info
Forum: Destiny

27 Warlock nearly 28 if anything is going on anytime. I can play on the one or the 360.
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I will create one tonight for GTN. I had created one called Dark Lord White Racing DLWR. Then could change the name but not the tag. This is for Xbox One.
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We discussed that and will most likely do that.
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You can also use the following link to edit your profile here ( just make sure your logged into
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Thread: Poll: AF 2014 is here!
Forum: General Chat

Buckswana didnt we idle boost WSOP several months back within this past year?
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Thread: Poll: AF 2014 is here!
Forum: General Chat

Every year I always say to myself next year maybe I can go.... Again I find myself wanting to but cannot.
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Sadly it did not. Not even a leaderboard for the number of lectures I actually attended....
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Thread: New Home
Forum: Introductions

Welcome Mango. Nice to see another familiar name make it over to GTN.
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Thread: Daytona Bound!
Forum: General Chat

I know we always seem to go on vacation the same weekend as Achievement Fest! Never fails.

Thanks Kaens I we were given the same advice by some of our other friends as well.
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Thread: Daytona Bound!
Forum: General Chat

Taking the family to Daytona this Friday and will be there until the 24th. Tuesday were driving over to Legoland. If any GTN members live in the area and would like to meet up let me know.
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I took a course on Gamification last semester. Interesting class.
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Welcome to GTN. Alot of 360v alumni jumping abourd.
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Ive had success watching netflix with Brazil Now Snapped all day yesterday. Stuck at about 40 Challenges now getting duplicates.
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You guys missed the drag race tourney we had for Forza a couple of months ago.
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Thread: New guy here
Forum: Introductions

Welcome to GTN hope you enjoy your stay here.
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I had been MIA for a few months now but I usually or had been hosting a Community even monthly or every other month.

That is when I pass out the Staff Infection as well as casually playing with...
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Thats awesome thanks Fsh. Not a soccer fan but I think i could muddle through for some easy challenges.
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I am still in Season 7 I think and wanted to finish that before I started watching the newest addition to 24. However i do look forward to it.
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I came to GTN almsot a year ago and quickly became addicted to the site. Of course some work things happened; I got promoted and lost plenty of gaming time and the time to login and converse with...
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Welcome to GTN. Hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask anything if you have any questions.
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