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I think the forum for the game can already serve this purpose. It would also allow more contribution and discussion for the guide, and it's even done that way on other sites, too.
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Both of your profiles look fine, and your syncs are running on schedule.
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It's worth noting that we're trying not to hurt the privileges of genuinely new members in the process, so the options we're trying now should avoid that.
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The IP's are different for most of the accounts, so it isn't that simple. Also, it's not automated or it would be stopped by the filters already in place.
There are a few options we're looking at,...
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To be clear, only staff can sync manually. However, going in and syncing everyone one at a time won't solve the root cause. If you'd like to be sync'd anyway, just let me know.
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It appears to be affecting just about everyone I check, so it's not an isolated issue. The good news is that a manual sync still works the way it should, so this shouldn't be wildly difficult to fix....
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This is pretty standard for forums. There's a constant ebb and flow of bots and countermeasures. I suspect there will be some new Captcha options if things get out of hand.
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Eric got this one today. Just report the post or thread when you see it, it will notify all of us.
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Good to have you, let us know if you have any questions.
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Glad to hear it. Might have just been a timing issue then.
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We can see in the history that you earned over 1000 that week, so it ought to work. For the sake of troubleshooting, I'd be curious to see what happens the next time you earn over 1000, but we can...
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Thread: Poll: Happy New Year 2018
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Far Cry, Crackdown, and Darksiders for me.
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I assume you're looking here? ( The setting is likely "See your game and app history", which will need to be set to Everybody.
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I have not had any issues, but I wouldn't be surprised if the server changes have had something to do with your difficulty. Please be patient, and let us know if it's consistent or if it worsens.
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That feature is specifically for the website. If an account is synced to the gamertag, then any achievements or new games played would show up, but not "last online" for Xbox.
Keep us posted on what...
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I can see them, so I'm not sure what to tell you.
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Sorry Andy, but that sounds like a problem with your machine or your Xbox Live account, not your Gamertag Nation account. We don't represent Microsoft, so we can't help you here.
Having said that,...
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I'm not entirely sure that you can't achieve these by playing bots. If someone is able to confirm one way or the other, I can make the adjustment.
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You appear to be syncing normally, ky. Can you be more specific?
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It will be on Eric to get under the hood, since there's something more going on that I can't access. While I've been able to address several achievement related issues, some others aren't...
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I gave you a forced sync for this game to see if it would take, and it didn't change anything; it still says you're queued up.
I'm more inclined to believe this is tied to specific games, as I've...
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I'm showing that the "initial sync" for your Gamertag is still in progress. Your sync schedule seems to be working fine with recent updates for profile, achievements, and games all syncing again...
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The game is there, but it's not being picked up by profiles yet. Once we get the info we need, it should start showing up.
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