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If it's ok, I would like to join.
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My gamertag is somewhere between a nickname and a running joke. I was that weird kid that no one would talk to but would always smile. Well that was before I turned cynical. But one day a couple of...
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I am about the same. Gotta like listening to those gaming podcast. Though right now I am listening to some random music,
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Welcome to Gamertag Nation! Glad more and more people are coming over from 360voice.
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Thread: i am new
Forum: Introductions

Welcome to GTN Snub. And I wish you luck with your boys.
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Welcome and its good to know for when I go back play those old games that I have one person to go to.
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I was wondering why mine wasn't showing... would it have something to do with they way we word it?
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Thread: Hi Everyone!
Forum: Introductions

Glad to see a more and more people coming over from 360voice, Welcome dieselv2!
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

You could possibly add a Badge like

Trial and Error
Play a game in the Trials series
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Hello everyone and thank you for taking your time to read this very, very simple introduction. My name is Unkn0wn Smiley and to put it simply, I love gaming and all of its components. I am finally...
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