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Fable. Great game from the original Xbox days and now has an HD version. I played the older version though as it's in my Steam library.
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Wolf- The Old Blood - the prequel to New Order.
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Wolfenstein The New Order.
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The fans are really low right now, both in single figure % usages. The low hum of fans doesn't bother me but there's a noise coming from the top fan that's a bit irritating. Once I put a game or...
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My 4TB drive arrived today. I was able to quickly get the few games I installed on the 2TB one over to it, not that there was much. Only 200-something GB. My next change will be the fans. There's...
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I have to say the best decission I made with my last build was an SSD. Granted the storage-to-price ratio doesn't make it that great to run a large number of games but having one just for Windows and...
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What's in your current one?
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I was speaking to a friend who built his own a few years ago. He said that if anything happened to his, he'd probably go prebuilt just to save the effort and time. I know putting everything together...
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My new desktop arrived yesterday. I'll try to keep it simple.

What did I buy?

Alienware Area 51 desktop.


i76800K 3.8GHz
16GB Ram
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Thread: E3 2017
Forum: Gaming Chat

I hope it sticks as the game has potential, it's just not my play-style. In the small BR genre H1 is my preferred game to not only play, but also watch. But since PUBG came out, both games have been...
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Thread: E3 2017
Forum: Gaming Chat

I meant to elaborate on the PUBG bit. According to the H1Z1 Reddit some time ago, a user commented that Player Unknown is often involved with projects that he then leaves before completing. Day Z,...
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Thread: E3 2017
Forum: Gaming Chat

I wasn't exactly excited this E3. Consoles are pushing for 4K which isn't mainstream yet. Consoles right now struggle with games at 1080 running at 30fps (maybe the PS4 pro and the slightly newer 1...
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Ghost Recon Wildlands. I still play just to explore, but when the new PC arrives I think I'm going to have to do it all again. Can't remember if Uplay has a cloud feature or if I had it enabled.
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Thread: Hello again
Forum: Introductions

Some of you have seen me resurrect a thread I made in 2009. As I haven't been here in years I felt this was appropriate. I was one of the original members here along with a few others and for a long...
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My last two since the Alienware have been custom built by small UK companies that no longer exist. Two weeks ago my PSU exploded, wiping everything out. Due to time, I had to get prebuilt this time...
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Jesus this site's moved on! Great to see. Anyhoo I made this thread ages ago to celebrate buying my first desktop and I have a new one on the way so I'll update when it gets here.
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I have new toys on the way and the last thread like this is so old the pics are waaaay out of date. I'll update when everything's wired up. Kudos to the people with tidy set ups.
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Drunk? No. I have a hard enough time just getting through the missions. I'm on Arson now, so not far to go, taking a little break after a week of powering through it.
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*Stumbles into forum after long hiatus*

Right now I'm getting back into Hitman Blood Money. GTA3 is also an old fav.
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Thread: New D-Pad Design
Forum: Xbox 360

New Xbox 360 Controller Revealed - Xbox360 News at IGN (

The title and link do most of the talking, but MS have tinkered with the controller....
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But people in-game are different levels. And why would you disable the xp in a beta? the whole point is to test the game and you can't really do that by disabling things.
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Video Game, Debut Multiplayer Teaser HD | Game Trailers & Videos | (

Link to the first...
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Thread: Starcraft 2
Forum: Gaming Chat

Ugh, the campaign is hard enough for an RTS noob like me. And I'm playing on the easiest setting. Still enjoying it though. I'm on a mission where i had to decide to help the doctor or the protoss....
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Thread: Starcraft 2
Forum: Gaming Chat

Speaking as someone who has the CE:

- The first two games on a memory stick and obviously SC2
- a hard cover art book 176 pages
- the soundtrack
- issue 0 of a comic that you can't get anywhere...
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Thread: Starcraft 2
Forum: Gaming Chat

And your idea of a "grown up" game is....? Oh let me guess. Halo.
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