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there is like only about six games on that list that i played that interest me. red dead is one of my favs. max payne 3 and rainbow six vegas should be on the list.
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4 times

Fallen x Snub
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yes i am on there every day
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i dont have xbox one. just the 360. it looks like its starting to synch if you look to the left. :)
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i got an email from here saying i need to allow my privacy settings but i already have it set to allow. i also put the verification code in my bio. maybe something else is wrong?
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gears 2
gears 3
ghost recon future soldier
rainbow six vegas
rainbow six vegas 2
battlefield bad company 2

these are the only shooters i play. i dont play call of duty
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well my snubkiller name came from my friend because we call him snub. years ago when we were in a football fantasy league he used snub rules so i started using snubkiller. the fp x is my from my...
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Thread: i am new
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hello everybody i just signed up today. i saw this site's link while i was on you all can call me snub. i am from new jersey, married and have 2 sons 14 and 10.
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