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im aiming to hit 500k gs this year. so thats 122k i need. also gonna try n get above 300 completions. in the meantime im gonna for all 46 tier 10 tanks in world of tanks
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have u tried any of the artifex mundi point n click games? i think theres 10 or 11 of those. u can prolly do at least half of them in a day
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ive been having this issue for nearly 8 months now with no fix in site
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its not just win 10 not updating. xbox 1 are having issues as well. it says i did 4700 last month uh no thats wrong i did 5400 points last month. im solely on the x1 now n its online only so...
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i need the slimer achieve as its the last 1 i have to finish this
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i would have to say the pc game guilty from the early 90s. the controls were so bad on that 1
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Thread: Poll: Minecraft Pocket Editions
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i need help with the android version
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gears of war is 1 of the few games that i enjoy n im one of the few that did not boost any previous gow n 10k kills is nothing i was doing that on a regular basis. i was 1 of the top players in...
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ugh yall might be forgetting that world of tanks was the 1st game to do this when the x1 version was released last august n since then jan 15th the ps4 version was released. when u go into a game...
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ive added 5 different friends as a favorite n no badge. any1 else having issues with this 1?
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Thread: Declined Mystery Badge VI

seems like eric is just handing them out ive search every part of this site n cant find it oh well i dont need anymore stupids badges anyway unless its an achievement i dont...
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i voted for steve jobs. wp wouldnt have much competition with out the iphone
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Thread: Poll: Where'd everybody go?!
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fight? me no. just been extremly sick with cancer the last few years n didnt have energy to do much
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ty futiles. ive actually havent took a look at that page. n i appologize for being in the past
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it was fixed last night. ty eric. only took 6 months lol
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i changed my gamertag about 6 months ago n ive noticed its adding the achievements i earn but its not updating my overall gamerscore. it says 227k but thats wrong havent been in the 220k in a...
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Thread: Poll: Where'd everybody go?!
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i feel the same as u sith rick. ive kinda stayed away from any forum posting for a good while. like u said its not a friendly atmosphere around here like it was when i joined 2 years ago
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ppl stil play halo? thought that game got flushed down the toilet where is belongs lmao
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Thread: Poll: Do u have a back log?
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i own all the arcade games on the 360 n ive only started maybe 250 or so out of 900+ on the marketplace n this dosent include all the retail ive bought thats collecting dust also got another 40 or...
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Thread: Poll: Resolved Spamming the Threads

yah know if yall were actually nice to qn for once maybe he wouldnt post all that non-sense all i ever see is the same 3 ppl talking shit about qn when these same 3 ppl dont deserve to be...
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