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Status changed to 'Logged' - I will take a few measures to try and prevent this in the future. Obviously the captcha requirement hasn't been sufficient. Thank you for your continued support of the...
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Thread: Hello
Forum: Introductions

Hey there, welcome to Gamertag Nation! You seem to be all caught up at the moment. We're glad to have you!
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Status changed from 'Resolved' to 'Logged'
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Status changed from 'Logged' to 'Resolved' - Updating this as Resolved. This should be fixed now. Your games will catch up in the next 24 hours along with your achievements. Premium subscribers are...
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Status changed to 'Logged' - Looking into this now.
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We aren't being attacked, and I am well aware of the speed of the server since the migration. I'm not pleased that we are slower than before. I am working with our hosting provider to speed up the...
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Thanks for the update. The previous error appears to be resolved once we migrated the server a few weeks back. Since then, we're experiencing intermittent downtime as a result of the server...
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Thanks for reporting this. The server migration this last Saturday caused some issues with date-based badges (including the Enthusiast badges). I will update everyone's streak and award these badges...
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Syncing has resumed normal operation. I will be updating our syncing schedule to accommodate this server migration. As a result, we actually are able to sync data much faster than before. So we will...
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Status changed to 'Resolved' - Thanks for letting me know. I have updated it now.
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Sorry for the delay. Looks like Hamster Universe is up to date as of this post. The other games you mentioned appear to be synced up as well.

As a Premium member, you can resync any missing...
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Good find! Added it to my backlog. Here's a link to the game:
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I picked up LEGO Indiana Jones for $4.99 a few weeks back. Pretty much addicted to LEGO games now.
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Status changed from 'Logged' to 'Resolved' - I have resynced this game for you. You currently have 6 achievements unlocked:
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Status changed to 'Logged' - Congrats on your one year anniversary! This will most likely unlock tonight around midnight (Central Time). I'm logging this as a bug since it should've unlocked at the...
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I made some adjustments to the schedule yesterday to help fix the brief downtime that was occurring late in the morning each day.

Let me know if this error pops up again.
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Thanks, that one was a bit self-inflicted since I was testing something at the time. That helped me narrow it down to a couple of scripts.
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Status changed from 'Logged' to 'Resolved' - Forgot to update this earlier, but those 4 challenges are showing up as unlocked now.
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Looks like I jinxed it. Weird that this is now happening at other times of the day now.

Thanks for letting me know. I'm logging them and investigating each case as they come up. I now suspect...
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Thread: Resolved Completed game feed

Status changed to 'Resolved' - Sorry for the delay guys. This is fixed as of this morning. It was related to a recent update impacting the way we determine completion status.
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Thanks for the updates. These errors appear to be isolated to the 4:38am CT time frame. That's when the server is backed up. That causes the server to exhaust all of its resources which will produce...
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Status changed to 'Logged' - Looking into this. Thanks for letting me know.
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Just completed LEGO Marvel's Avengers ( - keeping up my streak of LEGO completions! :)
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