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My wife and I actually binged it within 24 hours. It was crazy. Almost every episode we were gobsmacked. Agree that it was a shame certain evidence was omitted from the doc.

I'm just as baffled...
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I'm lucky I guess. Here in the UK Game seems to have an abundance of them albeit bundled with a game (which doesn't bother me as I still don't own Forza 6).

I was going to grab a MS Band 2, but...
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I'm picking one up for Christmas and cant wait. Rand al Thor and co had a guy from MS that made the elite controller on their podcast a few weeks back and it sounds stupidly good. Plus with all the...
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Looks like Sashamorning may have taken away the achievementfest guiness world record...has to be verified of course.
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That is true, however, they are working extremely hard with MS to resolve that issue. They claim it was not offered by MS but they are confident with the help of the outcry from the community that MS...
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Been a while since I posted here....simply because I am lazy. Would love to see extra features on the leaderboards too, like being able to have GS calculated only for certain platforms and genres...
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Something that is merely a rumour as far as I know is the PS4 is supposed to have a day one update which REMOVES the DRM from the system...
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Agreed. Hell I managed over 100K last year all on my own.
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The VAIO and Toshiba exclusives are currently not so exclusive right now. They can now be bought on non VAIO and Toshiba laptops. Get them quick before they are gone.

Change region to New Zealand...
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Its that time again fellow gamers. Create a Bosnian account (with that really long H word after it) and it works the same as Oman and Morocco methods. ENJOY!
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For Injustice:

Change your locale to Austria.
Sign into any account other than your Oban one.
Click on Superman tile on homepage of dashboard.
Sign out, then sign into Oban account
You will...
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Yeah Disney never did for me, also Zimbabwe ones a pointless you need a credit card on file
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It's rumored that the other 9 that were free in Morroco and free again in Oman but I cannot check this as I own them
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You can currently grab Dark, WRC Powerslide, Painkiller DLC's (3 of them) and Testament of Sherlock Holmes (does not work on US Xboxs).

Same deal as the Morrocan games. Create an Oman account...
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That's spot on. So as an example. Like Kaens said I'm into my Windows 8 games. So I'd like to see the Leaderboard for Windows 8 only.

If this could be expanded on it would be great, so, filter...
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Nah, it wasn't that bad, you're on about changing locale to Austria etc etc yeah?
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13 games? What are the other two Chunky?
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Slightly off topic but you guys ever see the Welsh version of Jackass? If not look up Dirty Sanchez *shudders*
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The site definitely picks up games played but unlocked no achievements, it's done that for a couple for me
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