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Bump, still getting the blank page loading up on this.
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One of the mods should be able to unlock it manual for you.
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Having an issues uploading screenshot to my One Drive account from my Xbox One. I get a message saying it is uploading as normal, it has worked fine in the past, but now nothing shows up on my One...
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Thread: Poll: E3 - 2019 Edition
Forum: Gaming Chat

For a moment I thought it was another Alan Wake, which would have been great.
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Thread: Poll: E3 - 2019 Edition
Forum: Gaming Chat

I was getting excited for this E3 and now I am just eh, old hat. Sony isn't even at E3 and I feel like they are winning.

No surprise that they are made another console. No stand out games for me...
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Thread: Poll: E3 - 2019 Edition
Forum: Gaming Chat

I don't buy many games now a days, but if I do I still go physical. This is why:

Minecraft (
Microsoft eBooks...
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I still need to finish everything else in the base game and the first 3 DLCs. Dosen't help I play Neverwinter and only pop into ESO every now and then.
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Thread: Poll: E3 - 2019 Edition
Forum: Gaming Chat

E3 is just over a week away, anyone getting excited about the event?
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

Thunderdome - 100 Players Enter 1 Player Leaves, Play a Battle Royal game

Max Would Be Proud - Complete a Battle Royal Game
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The years is half over and this is where my goals stand:

Done! - 500K TA Score
Done! - Complete GTA IV
300K Gamerscore
Complete 250 Games
Start & Complete Mass Effect
Done! - 15K Trickster...
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It was nice to see a the " May the Fourth Be With You" badge added to the site after so much time has passed. I happened not to log in that day, so I will have to wait until next year to earn it now....
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I'm seeing that issue again where I click to a site page and it loads up with a blank white page. This time it is from the collection under the Explore tab.

Mine loads up fine the other three do...
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Currently 450 / 500 (90%)

Are all the games listed above showing up as arcade titles counting towards the total?
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Still having some issues with this badge. My count was at 445 and I added 6 new titles from the backwards compatibility sale. I should be at 451 with the additions. Here is the list of games I...
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yeah I saw you wiz by with those Japanese titles...hehe
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Game Completion #243 - Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360 Retail Completion #179)

Here ( is my review.
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Good luck. Still plenty of time to get it done.
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Nice! you are doing way better then I am. Only 1 completion this year and it's not even from my backlog.
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Here ( is a search I did on TA and found a bunch games listed.
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