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#349 - Mochi Mochi Boy
#350 - Hexologic
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#341 The Walking Dead: The Final Season
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Hit 20,000 achievements unlocked, 330 completed games and 448,000 gs over the weekend.
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That's awesome! Mucho congrats to you and Mr.pTart!
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My oldest is 30 and my youngest is 21, so I'm ready for a baby. Especially one I can spoil the hell out of, then send home if they're being bad :lol:
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My oldest daughter (middle child), Briana, got married this past July. Then on her birthday (Oct 12), Patty & I went to her house with cake, gifts and such to surprise her. Instead of us surprising...
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1. I'd like to hit 500k GS this year, though it's likely wishful thinking unless I get better at those god forsaken NeoGeo fighting games....blah

2. I'd also like to hit 20,500 achievements won....
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Get back in the groove, check. I didn't smash any records, but did get back to steady gaming for the most part.

SG Steelhead earned 2,035 achievements in 2018 for 59,011 GamerScore worth 79,386 TA
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The new Black Mirror Episode on Netflix, Bandersnatch, is very much worth watching. It's interactive, so it's like playing a Telltale game where you can receive different endings depending on the...
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

I had to look that one up. According to what I found, it means you have to play on 12 different holidays, right? Or is it just 12 consecutive days?

When I posted the idea, I was thinking more...
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