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Thread: Skyrim
Forum: Gaming Chat

All right. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's been obsessively glued to a screen since friday's release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's one hell of a quality game, and those that were...
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Thread: Battlefield 3
Forum: Gaming Chat

It does look awesome guys! I'm happy for those who bought it. I'm sure everyone around wants to jump on me because I didn't buy BF3 and bought MW3 instead, but I think both are great games!

If it...
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The first game looked so good, that Simon and I called it "Orgasmic Mode" when the graphics were high. You needed a Space Oddyssey Monolith to power it. Or Simon's Huge ass Alienware.

The game...
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Nice one Eric! I knew you could do it!
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Black Ops does not beat MW2 imho. The game was good, but I'm not too fond of the MP. It doesn't have the addictiveness of MW2, and the story in the MW universe is a lot better too. Black Ops was...
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That's a good plan, Eric. I wish I could give up soda's but sometimes I think my love of Ginger Beer is bordering on religious fervour! I am planning on losing a LOT of weight in 2011. I'm not...
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Hopefully they'll make the RPG element return and streamline it, however, I never found myself ever thinking shepards armour and equipment ever looked out of place. But even saying that, I find...
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I love FFXIII. Unlike the others, I can play it only in doses of around 3-4 hours rather than 8 hours straight. Some might find this a bad thing. However, I find this incredibly useful, as I never...
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Sometime I really cry in my sleep at night because of stuff like this.
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Modern Warfare's story is possibly more explosive in nature to that of Black Ops, and BO does tend to be more balls to the wall, while some people like a mix of Hollywood and Action.

It's just...
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The shotgun's range is more or less accurate. In RL a target 20 - 30 metres away can be staggered with a shotgun, and games always seem to only give shotgun's a range of 5-10 metres for some reason....
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I've never considered myself a hardcore gamer if the term involves mercilessly winning games. I choose weapons based on how they look, not how they perform. Rainbow six 3 is another example of a game...
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I've finished most of the campaign, and all I can say is that it is AWESOME. It gets real messed up later, with him getting more and more broken with the drug that's they're using to interrogate him,...
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Thread: Good day!
Forum: Introductions

We appreciate the comment mate.

Stick around and you'll see a lot more, eh.
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Welcome aboard! Stick around and share some of your gaming knowledge with us all. :)
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I dunno. But the crossbow is a sweet addition
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Probably disabled the levelling for the Beta...
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In the end, it really seems that Age of Conan is the definitive Balls to the wall experience for MMOs, huh.... as shame about it being so unpopular and not having a large player base...
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I've heard a lot about Maple Story... is it any good?
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Thread: Starcraft 2
Forum: Gaming Chat

I totally fangirled over FFXIII. I got the normal edition, but I definitely think I'm gonna get the limited edition. I just love that feeling of having it. Plus, I have been patiently waiting for it...
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Thread: Starcraft 2
Forum: Gaming Chat

Did you get the special edition or the normal edition?
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Thread: Starcraft 2
Forum: Gaming Chat

Gross... I can imagine you fan-girling all over this, Jon...
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Thread: Hello!
Forum: Introductions

Yeah, Welcome to both of you! It's good to have some fresh blood around here.

I wanna hear about all those cool achievements people! This is what it's all about. You work and work and then you...
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Fair enough. Kinda like me then.

Which is really the only reason it appealed, as WoW really is better...

So I'm surprised it didn't for you...
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