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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

Smaller crew this time around... Now we just need a commitment for AF 2018
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I'm surprised you have Retaken the lead at least for a short time, need to get Eric back to rolling some new badges so you have a chance.
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Don't throw rocks at the store!
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You have to ditch the games that don't get you gamerscore!
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Thread: Pinned: Epic Challenge 2018
Forum: Gaming Chat

Welcome to the fun! Enjoy.
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Thread: Poll: Happy New Year 2018
Forum: General Chat

Dynasty Warriors?! :(

Looking forward to The Crew 2... Hope we get a new surprise Halo.
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I didn't even think about beating you in TA score... Odd that I'm that far ahead of you.
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Oh, if people give you "free" games, are you obligated to play those? I wonder if I can find a copy of DOAX2....
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I'm sad I didn't make the goal list this year....

I'm going to try to play less this year, not going to pretend like I'm going away for the year though.
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Had to fix a couple for you...
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That's cause you're not playing Forza 7...
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Looks like something new has happened to cause the queries to report the wrong result for the Challenge leaderboard. Seems to happen for only certain people. Spilner has 7116 challenges now, but if...
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The Assembly
1.54 - Archivist

Fat City
1.06 - Diamonds Are Forever

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1.38 -Signs of Life

Late Shift
1.46 -Expert Storyteller

Hitchhiker (Win 10)
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Wait, does this mean you're coming back to AF?!
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Really depends on the game.. And sometimes they save only portions of the progress.
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Different approach here, here is what people score in the first two hours after the first achievement, there are games like Fibbage and Slashdash that might have a time consuming achievement at the...
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Think about these, I don't trust the NEOGEO ones too much, unless you're really good at fighting games, but even then I've seen people at AF have problems. The number is how long it takes someone...
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LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
1.98 - Force Is Strong With This One

Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator
2.70 - It Gets Boring After An Hour

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These are two of my most favorite games, I might have to give a slight edge to Burnout Paradise on 360, Red Dead 2 will be awesome...

Keep up the badge work, go for breaking into top 10, they are...
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I'm embarrassed if either of you two can't figure out a time zone inside the US...
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Did you know you're like 3865th in Stealth now???
4,107 in Survivor/Horror???

I'm afraid the ghost of 360voice has come to take back your achievements...
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