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Thread: Achievements?
Forum: Xbox 360

Anyone has a list of easy achievements? cause I really needs to get some fast due to some competition. XP I needs to get some fast? anyone has any clues which are easy. cause right know the games I...
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so how did you add that bar in front of the forum? cause its really neat. and it changes around.. and the games of the week. cause I would like to make a forum in a way with some friends and this...
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Now if only Little Big Planet comes to the xbox.. which I doubt *sobs* the only reason I would get a PS3.. >.>;; TT_TT
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Thread: New Xbox DashBoard
Forum: Xbox 360
3 - Xbox 360 - E3 2008: New Dashboard and Avatar (

looks neat :D but they did kinda copy the wii. but its still awesome! =D
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Rock band.. no doubt.. its funner.. but easier XD
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Thread: Console Wars!
Forum: Gaming Chat

It was alot to read so I'm saying no system is the best but i go by wii and 360. cause those are the ones i own. xD
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*nods* ohh god yes i hate the spurs since they won too many titles. and poor rockets. ;_; but w/e go celtics and or lakers.. sadly. ;_;
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That was my gamerpicture from you know that game. <.< >.> xD but still Those pplz in narutotaf well we have known each other for alomst a year. so its good to know you are one of us. ^__^
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Thread: Spore
Forum: PC

It looks like a really really really fun game, and i want it soo bad. Does anyone know when the game comes out?
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o_O wow... its a really neat site and i like it alot but it really needs members but its just starting I will try to help you guys out. ^_^
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This is a really impressive site? what did yall use to make it/ or what website did yall join or w/e it is I would really like to know. ^_^
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If you seriously want to get your butt whooped TRY AND FACE ME! i rocks with link and PT. xD
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ROCKETS BABY! WOOT WOOT! =D I hope they win. >3 or die trying. <.< >.> <.> xD
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Thread: Hiyo.
Forum: Introductions

We'll yea tis be Jason/ScrubsROCKS and well yea.. if yall looking how to or what are certain achivements heres like all of them hopefully I helped out.
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GTA 4!
hands down again.
the game is the best and the well the whole game is awesome and.. o.O i play it. :3
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