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Sunday works for me, Saturday is super busy this week, but Sunday should be a normal no pants day.
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So hoops is fun, and a different challenge on technique, but hockey was super fun. We should get together and play those modes as a group sometime soon.
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Hoops mode will be released in the April 26th patch, free.

How about setting up another Rocket League play date for the weekend after? Maybe I can make all those aerial shots finally count for...
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apparently I won't be around until 7pm central time, so I'll catch whoever is left on the back end.
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I don't get why this game is popular. Certainly not worth $20.

It's simply a new take on one of the mini game modes from an old monster jam game. Personally I am not impressed, but I'm a grumpy...
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Can I join fresh out of the box, or is there required play like tutorials or junk before it lets you go online? Haven't bought it yet, not sure if I'll have even taken the plastic off and opened it...
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If this goes on sale before then, I'll be there
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