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Found Nemo! Fshguy has him as a fitness trainer in a tank.
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EA Access is for the basic game. I just waiting for all the DLC to be pushed,
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

a badge for logging on when there is less the 3 users online called only the lonely, I logged on a few days ago to see I was the only one one, It made me sad,,,
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Only 3 player co-op WTF , I might have to wait till a price drop. Looks nice but I have more the 2 friends.
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During Army jump school training, the instructor asked if I was " chicken boy" before my 1st jump. I responded " It's chicken boy Bryan Sir" and jump. It stuck we me for the last 13 years.
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Thread: Poll: GameFly
Forum: Gaming Chat

You just need to have games in and nothing on the waiting list to get new games. I do love there sales, they always have the code in the box just like new. they have taken care of broken game returns...
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Thread: Poll: Favorite type of achievement
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Collectable? I just happy to find my car keys in the morning.
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I fall asleep on a book, face first more then I log in to facebook.
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