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Thread: Declined Mystery Badge VI

I've been trying to figure this one out... :(
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Maybe its a typo and he meant FTW. As in 'For The Win' badge or fuck the world challenge. :)
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I'm sexy and I know it and I have the pics to prove it lol.
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Well, with or without achievements its still considered DLC.
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Man those quotations in the thread title are really starting to annoy me... sorry for being off topic.
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Witty dialogue, bang bang, shoot shoot, explosion. witty dialogue, bang bang shoot shoot, explosion.
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Ive actually heard great reviews from the MS Band 2. The only thing people were complaining about was the battery life.
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I'll probably pick one up just because I always like having the "high end" controllers whether I use all the features or not. It might sound dumb but that's just me. If you got the money, spend...
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my bad, I guess 'need' was the wrong word to use here. I'm not even going to try and explain what I meant because, you know, this is GTN. :)
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meh, I don't think we need another walking dead game... Although a Batman Telltale sounds intriguing I don't think we need this either...
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This, and the fact that people do not want to count. Like me...
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Affleck as Batman doesn't bother me, its Eisenberg as Lex Luthor that bothers me... I just hate his voice in every movie hes in...
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I believe he will at some point. My guess is during GotG 2. At least some sort of introduction.
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I feel the same way, I don't expect exact page by page from books to movies/tv. The way I see it, when creating a movie or tv show based upon books, comics or whatever, you have to understand that...
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I was just messin with ya, bud. :)

I love Captain America as well. Cap was the first comics I bought and for some reason I cannot find them now...
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Are you going to be sad when Cap gets imprisoned at the end of Civil War? :)
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There is a theory here on a possibility of StarLords father. Just a few hints that it might not be Thanos, Adam, Starhawk, or Starfox.

Peter Quills Father Theory...
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