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I do like supporting Children's medical charities...
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Seats are selling well, we will have a few first timers this year.
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We have another new person signed up. I am not familiar with their real name, and they didn't leave their gamertag. I reached out, so, hopefully will have that updated soon.
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I have been doing some (mostly) aesthetic changes to the seating chart. Mostly things like changing how the layout looks, and seat numbers to more reflect how the layout should be. Anyone that has...
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One of the first timers has loaned his JP console to Achievement Fest previously. But, the potential surprise guest could indeed be looking to play some JP games...
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We have a new guest registered for AF2018. And I am working on another Special Guest for AF2018.

I will also be bringing the world's most addictive tabletop game...
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Please begin reserving your seats at this link:
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As always, yes. We will work something out once registration goes live.
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Monday, March 26 is our goal to allow everyone to register on the new version of the site. I will update everyone if that changes, but, please hold off claiming seats until I post here. Thank you...
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Thread: Extra Life 2018
Forum: General Chat

Sorry for the lack of updates, we we're pretty busy. I ended up winning $1525 for my hospital.
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I have a friend that takes part in this, immediately after ELU. Good luck on your fundraising.
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Thread: Extra Life 2018
Forum: General Chat

Here it is, March 2018, and once again, I am sitting in Orlando, FL. Extra Life United 2018 has started! Today, we are doing some excellent panels, which, I hope to be able to apply the lessons...
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You save money by using the hotel bedbugs, and leaving yours at home!
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Vault key is unlocked. Go collect it in the rewards tab of Raid Battle. Gnome Vault battle is against a bunch of Gnomes, set it to normal, and crush it.
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Just a quick update, with more info to come: will be getting a facelift/redesign. We have a new person giving us some support on that aspect.
Dates will be July 19-23...
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So, it is individually, each person, over multiple boss fights. You have to win 10 minion fights to even unlock the boss, you can only use troops from the region impacted, and your damage is...
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Well, I expected that to be... harder. I am already up to 628 damage dealt on the boss, 700 on the first portal.
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Depending on when you do it, I could be available.
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Here is the Facebook Post (It is public):

Feel free to tag yourself and make connections to the Extra Lifers that post on it.
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Excellent! I am going to share your page and event with my friends in the Pittsburgh area Extra Life groups.
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Here are the before and after of my Fallout minis:
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Been making progress on my Zombicide zombies.

I believe that is 133 Zombicide minis, 5 Fallout...
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Sadly, I may still be over the 2,000 to go mark. Not sure what the exact number is, but, this barely put a dent in it. It was nice to see a single game get completely done.
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