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Arcade #3
Cloning Clyde
1.51 (D.N.Ain't)
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#2. Arcade
Dash of Destruction
1.20 (Extinction Event)

Went digging in the crates pretty hard to find this gem(?). Just as an additional head's up, playing this game was the only way I...
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#3. Retail
LEGO Batman
1.73 (The city is safe... for now.)
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This game this week you have to play to earn that badge is a free Windows 8 game. Download it and play it and it will unlock.
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Porsche, you're a badass bro! Thanks for your service.

I really want to take my dad to this movie, but his PTSD from being a Marine during Vietnam may make even leaving the house hard knowing...
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Retail #2
Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear
1.35 (Radio Silence)
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Just to let you guys know... Game Informer gave the game a score of 9.5, which was the highest in the issue. It's in the latest one which was Uncharted 4 (or whatever number they're on) on the cover.
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Thread: Blogs.

Excellent. Kaens for President!
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Arcade #1
Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Xbox 360)
1.61 (Healing Hero)
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Retail #1
MX vs. ATV: Alive
4.25 (All Around Talent)
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Thread: Do you .......
Forum: Entertainment

Dude, I'm sure you've been to a restaurant on your birthday. While there I would assume that somehow they find out it's your birthday (my wife likes to surprise me by telling them when I'm in the...
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Thread: Do you .......
Forum: Entertainment

Right on, that's very cool that you didn't go because your friend couldn't. 04? Dude, it's about time you caught another show.
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Thread: Do you .......
Forum: Entertainment

That can't be totally true, right? As an old man you have to watch the weather channel I'd assume, so you probably listen to smooth jazz or whatever the hell they play.

So, if you don't listen to...
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Thread: Do you .......
Forum: Entertainment

Yep, that's the one.

Have you seen them live? I saw them with Mastodon and both bands were awesome. The lead guitarist, not that Brendon isn't a lead guitarist also, was a old guy. I'd say maybe...
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No problem, bro. I think all Survivor Horror fans should experience the first Resident Evil. Without it there may not have been such an uprising of other great games in the genre. It's not the most...
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porsche, granted it will look better on the Xbox One you don't need to convince yourself of doing anything that drastic for a $20 dollar game. It's going to be on the 360, which is where I'll buy my...
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Yes sir, that's what I wanted to know!
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porsche, here's where Eric was trying to help you with your signature:

EDIT: He helped with formatting, you're going to need to add the link destinations yourself.
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Yep. It's all messed up, bro. All of the text looks fine and it's formatted the way you want it, but you also have the code showing.
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For $19.99 owners of the Xbox One, who live in the United States, can pre-order the digitally released, remastered version of the first game in the Resident Evil...
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I agree with Prelude. Gompers you can find your answer in the help section already. To do that go to a game page of your choice. Click on the star icon in the top right for it to bring up a box. In...
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Nice, this looks a lot better. There are a lot of other members I would rather see go before me though and I'm glad I'm last on the list. I'd like to nominate HyruleBalverine...
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Thread: Logged Layout forum

Thank you for posting this! I too was wondering what was going on. I've been making modifications to my internet settings lately and I had figured I mess something up.
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I think B8TINGU should be the next Member of the Month. The dude is beyond helpful and generous to other gamers, like myself. Thanks for the gift dude.

After him, I'd vote for futiles because I...
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