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Apex Legends is a new title that needs to be added to the site.
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Would be nice to have a State of the Nation post.
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I haven't played any new games that would need to be added to the site. The last new game would have been State of Decay 2, but that has been out for months now. Or is it new DLC achievements on...
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Well there you go, that's why I could find it :)
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Some more info that looks to be off.

I hit 98% completion percentage on 1/28, but when I look at my Stats Overview page the completion% displayed says 97%.

Hovering over the 97% it says I have...
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I was trying to see my numbers as well after your post. Where on the Xbox website are you looking? I was not able to find my achievement count there.

Forums - 11,148 (I think this also includes...
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Game Completion #242 - Unravel (Xbox One Completion #1)

Here ( is my review.
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My Arcade Fire VII Badge count is off by one. I recently added a new arcade game ( Space Channel 5 Part 2 ), it did not show in my feed, and it did not increment the badge count. I has been working...
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Can't say for sure, figured it would get sorted out on it's own at some point as there were a few other hiccups going on last year and I never pressed the issue.

Thanks for the removal.
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This is not the first time the system has glitched on me. Prior to my Completion Percentage ( issue I was awarded 2 badges...
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I hit a 90% Completion on the 15th. I unlocked 4 achievement which took a 2-3 days to get scanned and today my profile shows that I unlocked additional % with just those 4 achievements.

92% @...
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Sometimes they just get stuck. One of the staffers would need to take a look. they can also award you the badge manually.
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Thread: Poll: Baby pTart
Forum: General Chat

Congrats! Girl all the way.
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What's In Store for GTN in 2019? Eric? Staff?

More badges? We haven't gotten any new badges in well over a year. The last one was in Sept 2017.

I still love the site and it needs some attention.
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I haven't given a lot of thought to my goals for the year. Here is what I have so far off the top of my head (I'll add some more during the week):

500K TA Score
Complete GTA IV
300K Gamerscore...
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It's in my que, just have to find the time to watch it.
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I just pick this game back up to work on the completing the game 100% and all of the DLC achievements are missing from the site. I have not been scan yet and I have just completed the Castithan...
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Saint’s Row IV (Xbox 360) - Retail Completion #178

Here ( is my Review
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I would contact the retailer that sold you the game and explain the problem to them and see if you can get another disc or digital copy since you have the code.
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Every game has a players tab that will give you the information about who completed it first.

It is possible that the site just...
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

Great ideas for badges, I like them.
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