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Yeah, was surprised that they weren't both just digital codes. Guessing they had a lot of copies of Halo 5 left over.
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Halo 5 is an actual disc copy, Halo MCC is just the digital code. Not sure what I'm doing with them yet, have a friend here who may want them. Otherwise give away/sell/trade, since I already have...
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My console finally gave up this morning. It had been acting a little funky for awhile, but this morning it booted to a black screen, and after calling MS support and going through all the trouble...
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Yeah, pain in the butt, since I also had to redo all of my settings. It kept my games and apps downloaded at least...
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So, I had an update this morning that pretty much broke my console. Wasn't showing my name/gamertag upper left on the home screen (or any gamerpics), even though I'm obviously signed in. No...
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That's actually a fairly common one, especially if you have your console set to always on/background downloads. Any time mine does it, I just do a reset (hold power button, reboot) and it's fixed.
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True, but not the case for me. Murdered: S.S. tracks everything, and I had the achievement tracker open and nothing was increasing. It was the last chapter, and screwed up 2 collectible achievements...
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I had the exact same issue a few days ago. I had to start my console a few times (holding down power button for 7 seconds) before it finally started working properly again. It finally hung on the...
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