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Additionally, I can get to the forums thru the Forum drop down menu and then clicking Browse Forums.

However once the page pops up and I try navigating thru the page options ( Browse Forums, New...
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It basically does nothing. Here is the link when I copy it
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I'm on a iMac/Firefox:
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I am still not able to click on the friend icon even tho it says I have 1 pending friend request. clicking it just does nothing.
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Looks like I an now create new post so that is a plus, However when I click on the new posts in forum icon I get kicked to a 404 page with this message:

404 Error

Unfortunately the page you...
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I am having this issue now, I also can not create new posts as well as a bunch of other issues.

When I click to see the friend request it takes me to my "Account Settings" page.
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Game Completion #248 - Star Wars: Battlefront (Xbox One Completion #3)

Here ( is my review.
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Game Completion #247 - Dead Block (Xbox 360 Arcade Completion #65)

Here ( is my Review
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Game Completion #246 - Fable Heroes (Xbox 360 Arcade Completion #64)
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Game Completion #245 - Apex Legends (Xbox One Completion #2)

Check out my review here (
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This was pretty funny....

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Game Completion #244 - BurgerTime World Tour (Xbox 360 Arcade Completion #63)

Check out my review HERE (
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

Would of been nice if it was implemented at the beginning of the year :D
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The list is actually bigger then what I thought:

007 Legends
007: Quantum of Solace
Band Hero
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012
Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party
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I cam across this on TA, figured I would give people a heads up here too

Games Effected:

Guitar Hero:...
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Thread: Xbox 360 Controler
Forum: Xbox 360

Thanks for the responses. I was able to pick up a wired controller up at Walmart. Best Buy had nothing for the 360.
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Thread: Xbox 360 Controler
Forum: Xbox 360

Well it's about that time for me to replace my Xbox 360 Controler, except they are not really being sold any more on store shelves. Has anyone bought one recently? Where? How was the experience? I...
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You can also send them a PM if you like.
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My goals for the year:

300K Gamerscore
600K TA Score
12,000 Achievements
Complete 250 Games
100K Gamerscore in a year
Start & Complete Mass Effect
Start & Complete GTA V
Start & Complete...
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My year was eh, could of been better.

Failed - 300K Gamerscore
Failed - Complete 250 Games
Failed - Start & Complete Mass Effect
DONE - 20K Trickster Rogue in Neverwinter
DONE - 19K Trickster...
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Update: I have reached 50 completed challenges. The tracker says I have 95 completed and I still have the badge for 100 completions.
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