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If there are any disks people want me to bring let me know because I don't plan on bringing anything but my Xbox 1X and external hard drive. Granted that hard drive has almost 1200 games on it, but...
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The guild can be causal even if some of the members are hardcore! I am primarily on Switch, so my attendance will be more like the normal active players on Xbox instead of being standout psychopath.
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OH wow, well I didn't realize he was so calous about it. I didn't think he'd boot AF real life friends. That's cold!
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That was my thought, we can help one another build teams.
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Yeah it's been casual since I returned last summer. Probably before then. Once Dren took over leadership again there is no hard rules for anything. He will purge some inactive dead users but that's...
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If you want in a completely casual guild that will go for any new achievements I think we have a few spots in Dren's Ghetto.
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If you guys register for Gems of War DB (, share your collection...
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I started out strong for about 2 weeks and now I'm back to just playing Gems of War all the time.
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Yes leveling your delves is ridiculously expensive, which is why you should stock pile the good treasures and use those once you get up in the 70-80+ range. You can use the crap ones early one if...
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I'm down with that, I'm basically down with whatever the group decides. Where's Dren? This is all his fault ;)
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Shows you your horrific odds at any given time..

Shows upcoming troops..

Tons of good info at this site in general, if...
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Just in case, I'm not saying you or anyone else isn't donating enough, I'm saying WHEN people donate is a waste of money and we only get the items not the benefit of completing the totems earlier in...
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Personally I don't care when we do it. My biggest problem with our guild is that we don't hit that 20,000 or our totem buys until the weekend. Which means all week when I'm playing, we get no...
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Yeah I was trying to use the new weapon, and it's okay for generating the reds and stuff I need but I think I should switch to Mang because when it goes south it's bad. I tried to use megavore to...
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If those were my goals, I would so be #winning!
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My team...

2x sharptooth - legendary (not enough cards yet) but fully traited
Crystal Axe (event weapon) - fully upgrated, hero running Titan
Arachnaean Weaver - fully traited mythic
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Ahh, so I'm the humorless one! Got it!

If I was at home I could tell you for sure, but now that I'm higher up I'm having to go Mang team. Pretty sure I'm using this..

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Man am I doing this wrong or something? I have no idea what you guys mean and no one else ever posts in guild chat (or I have someone blocked everyone else). What my posts means is this..
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This week's scouting report so far...

1:3, 2:4, 3:2, 4:4, 5:4, 6:3, 7:3, 8:4, 9:5, 10:2, 11:5, 12:2 L:5, 13:5, 14:2, 15:5, 16:4
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Thread: Pokemon Go
Forum: Gaming Chat

Don't worry, futiles couldn't tell you what is even in 7k eggs right now. If he did know, he would be aware that is the only way to get many of the babies, like Munchlax, which everyone loves. Also I...
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Completion #19
1.04 Peaceful Outcome
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Completion #1
AER - Memories of Old
1.17 Equilibrium

Completion #2
Asemblance: Oversight
1.06 White

Completion #3
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Okay, new day let me try continuing...

Each delve is an exploration of a map, that map is unique to the faction. When you view the faction details you will see there are 4 ways to earn faction...
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I'm no expert, so take this for what it is - advice offered with the best intentions.

Underworld is simply an extension of the overworld map, but instead of making more Kingdoms, they are making...
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