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I noticed Streak Leader has this game... I'm open in the evenings... We will have to find to coordinate to get some of the 5s and 6s
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There's like an XBOX or something in there...
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I have limited availability until Wednesday. I'm all for getting together though. I'm effectively done with single player.
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Can we chain her chair to the side? She takes up the whole room...
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Eric fixed it, people were getting achievements yesterday...
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I should probably mention the game isn't in the database yet, Eric...
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This has brought such joy back into my life... Have to be patient and wait until it gets into general release for everyone without EA access...
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Okay, who is going to get this?! I'm all in.
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Quantic Pinball
5.47 - Tsunami
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Nice... guess I have to go now! Looking forward to AF 2018... Even though some antisocial people still won't come...
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Assassin's Creed Origins
2.48 - Old Habits
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We can wave at him as he passes us...
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Smaller crew this time around... Now we just need a commitment for AF 2018
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I'm surprised you have Retaken the lead at least for a short time, need to get Eric back to rolling some new badges so you have a chance.
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Don't throw rocks at the store!
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You have to ditch the games that don't get you gamerscore!
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Welcome to the fun! Enjoy.
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Dynasty Warriors?! :(

Looking forward to The Crew 2... Hope we get a new surprise Halo.
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I didn't even think about beating you in TA score... Odd that I'm that far ahead of you.
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Oh, if people give you "free" games, are you obligated to play those? I wonder if I can find a copy of DOAX2....
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I'm sad I didn't make the goal list this year....

I'm going to try to play less this year, not going to pretend like I'm going away for the year though.
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Had to fix a couple for you...
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