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I've had so many issues with this that I have given up on getting the last streak badge. I counted over 500 days in 2014-2015, but it never went over 100 after I got 250 days. Done caring now.
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Welcome to the MotM club. We're pretty exclusive (
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Thread: Add BoredAssBillz
Forum: Xbox 360

How'd you get that gamertag through censors? Amazing...
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Welcome to the MotM club, Andrew. I am Clan Donald Scottish heritage, and proud to wear a kilt :D
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Hydro-pool therapy is too aggressive for your condition, much like my buds'. He just goes to the public pool and floats and paddles around. Actually went with him and his family 2 weekends ago. He is...
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It makes or literally breaks you! I have grown up with my buddy, known him for 30 plus years. He is also super-cheery and a joy to be around. As a teenager, he was actually a damn fine swimmer for...
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Laura, you're amazing. I have a friend with osteogenesis imperfecta, and it totally sucks giant major huge balls. I am glad to see, as my friend is as well, that you're good-natured about it. Great...
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Thread: Extra Life 2017
Forum: General Chat

Holy crap, Extra Life United made a HUGE contribution! Wow. I wish I could do something like that.

EDIT: NM I see what that was.Very nice.
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Thread: Extra Life 2017
Forum: General Chat

Did I not donate for 2017 yet? I thought I did. You know how close to the heart this is for me.
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I was reading through this thread wondering to myself why he was so excited about such a mediocre PC... then I noticed the dates... lol
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I have a writing itch, and have begun posting slowly to Reddit, especially in nosleep. I am sharing that submission here as well, knowing you guys will have honest, slightly biased for or against,...
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Oh man.... Batman in his place? Or Batman the victor?
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I'm in, knowing I'll get a participant trophy for near or dead last :)
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Thread: Minecraft
Forum: Xbox One

Hey Ele, you want to host me for some quick end city cheevos?
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I couldn't agree more. And getting Keaton to do was genious.
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Right out of the gate I will admit that this is the best Spider-Man movie to date. Having said that, I'll also admit that Tobey Andrew versions were mediocre for me. Tom Holland, the new, fresh,...
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Digital only thread seems like a good idea.
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