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Thread: Duplicate Best Year & Week Trackers

They use server timezone I think
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Oops so embarrassing this....never noticed it said related achievements :(
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Batman - Xbox 360

I click on the game and it's release to everyone bar Japan with achievements I've unlocked.

The Japanese version shows I haven't unlocked any achievements

So far this is...
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Is games codes just US thing? Where do you find them?
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Top 3
1st Place: Ghosts Achievement Team
2nd Place: MadIrish4thewin
3rd Place: Elite Force

andyboyishere known as SCOTTISH F0RCE in the competition was asking about future series and I told him...
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Just look and your thread was closed before about game sharing and you were told not to post about it......
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Game sharing is a big no no here. Sorry
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Thread: Poll: Friend Request
Forum: General Chat

I'll add whoever needs help?
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This is a big no no sharing gamertags. Expect mods to close this!
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It's not showing on your profile. GTN only logs when achievement is unlocked. Plus this is X1 version and not 360 version.
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What seen TWD since like season 3 but by god what a superb episode. Can't believe they killed off Glenn :(
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If I get the 100% done. Unlocking... message it normally fixes itself within an hour or two. Hard reset and load the game again. In terms of win8/10 games, might be a silly question but are you...
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Thread: Declined Mystery Badge VI

Have you ever thought of designing cryptic crossword haha.

Some great clues though.
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Thread: Resolved Time Stamp Error

Or the millennium bug has finally caught up with GTN haha.
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Thread: &pound

I was looking through filter on games page by price and for example...

instead of being £0 - £10
it says &pound 0 - &pound 10

Not checked to see if it does it with other currencies.
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Harley Quinn for me. Don't know much about Catwoman or Poison Ivy.
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These threads are now just spam with an extra thick layer of spam thrown in haha.
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Why do we even need a badge?

We don't get a badge for having gtn rare achievements at the moment (do we?)

How about just simple tracking realigning the figures

Common - 51%+ (GTN)
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I assume TA is screen scraping so it doesn't update properly?

A new game is going to have rare achievements for like first 10 minutes...bit of a rubbish feature when you think of it like that...
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Rare on here is based on GTN members rather than whole of Xbox Live though. I prefer tracking here to be honest haha
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If we track that do we lose achievement rarity function here? We can't have both.
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I was gonna track at 8 week mark but University has kind of took over. I havent played on my xbox for over 2wks haha
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In simpler terms Porsche is trying to say vote in the polls but don't bump a 2year old thread with a post haha
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Thread: Chat Room?

Only time in mass quantities haha
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Thread: Chat Room?

Without meaning to start a board war...the only time people come to the site is for a badge haha
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