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Thread: Poll: Happy New Year 2018
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Far Cry, Crackdown, and Darksiders for me.
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I assume you're looking here? ( The setting is likely "See your game and app history", which will need to be set to Everybody.
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I have not had any issues, but I wouldn't be surprised if the server changes have had something to do with your difficulty. Please be patient, and let us know if it's consistent or if it worsens.
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That feature is specifically for the website. If an account is synced to the gamertag, then any achievements or new games played would show up, but not "last online" for Xbox.
Keep us posted on what...
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I can see them, so I'm not sure what to tell you.
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Sorry Andy, but that sounds like a problem with your machine or your Xbox Live account, not your Gamertag Nation account. We don't represent Microsoft, so we can't help you here.
Having said that,...
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I'm not entirely sure that you can't achieve these by playing bots. If someone is able to confirm one way or the other, I can make the adjustment.
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You appear to be syncing normally, ky. Can you be more specific?
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It will be on Eric to get under the hood, since there's something more going on that I can't access. While I've been able to address several achievement related issues, some others aren't...
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I gave you a forced sync for this game to see if it would take, and it didn't change anything; it still says you're queued up.
I'm more inclined to believe this is tied to specific games, as I've...
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I'm showing that the "initial sync" for your Gamertag is still in progress. Your sync schedule seems to be working fine with recent updates for profile, achievements, and games all syncing again...
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The game is there, but it's not being picked up by profiles yet. Once we get the info we need, it should start showing up.
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Got it. Let me know if there's anything else.
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This was done yesterday. Have you had any issue syncing up?
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No way to control fan speeds? There are times where you don't even need case fans running at all during idle, and a low speed handles most other regular use.
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Still using a 2500k, 8GB RAM, no SSD. Picked up a 380x last year though, so I'll essentially leapfrog my video card upgrades with the "everything else" upgrades. I don't run a large number of games,...
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Building your own can just be fun and satisfying, too. Then once you know how, it's easier to maintain as you make incremental upgrades over time.
When prices drop again on a couple of components I...
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This was an odd one, as it was released at the same time as becoming free.
In any case, looks like I was beaten to it again by an hour. Let us know if anything else is missing.
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Hey stranger, been a while.
Did you go pre-built again?
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Looks like Eric must have added it this morning, so I'll update the status
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Good stuff! I played a lot of Goldeneye and Halo growing up, too. Plenty of fond LAN party memories.
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Thread: Resolved Dead YouTube Link

Status changed to 'Resolved' - Taken care of
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Thread: Extra Life 2017
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That's a hell of a total! Congrats on the wins
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