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Saint’s Row IV (Xbox 360) - Retail Completion #177

Here ( is my Review
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I would contact the retailer that sold you the game and explain the problem to them and see if you can get another disc or digital copy since you have the code.
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Every game has a players tab that will give you the information about who completed it first.

It is possible that the site just...
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

Great ideas for badges, I like them.
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Not to add fuel to the fire, but we haven't had any new badges in a year.
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I fixed it, the review should show now.
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Saint’s Row: The Third (Xbox 360) - Retail Completion #176

Here ( is my review
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If you were a fan of Halo back in the day and then find out that Marty O'Donnell had Steve Vai come into his studio to do his thing. It's pretty amazing the way he just vibes with the Halo theme.
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No, not for that. Someone form the staff would need to do it. It just happens from time to time, the system will have a hiccup. If you are a premium member you can ask for a scan, but that's more for...
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2012 does indeed show you hit 100K, so you should of been awarded the badge. One of the staff members should be able to award it to you manually.
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

I like it, Can also complete a game from all 26 letters.
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Today the newest member of the site Gappydoo1999 pushed us over the edge triggering 1000 new badges for all the members that joined my leaderbaord. Thank you all for making it happen.
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Throwing these out there...

Ohio Tanker
Tank Buster OH
Tank Buster Jay
Ohio Treads
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The Raven (Xbox 360) - Arcade Completion #62

Here ( is my review
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So sorry to hear that you are going through this. Considering the situation, the best thing is that it's not cancerous. You won't have to go through any Chemo or radiation. Best of luck with the...
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For a minute I thought had gotten a new feature.
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Looks good now, the achievements for SoD2 are now showing up.
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Looks like my profile is not syncing up. I made a sync request the other day and none of my State of Decay 2 activity has been captured by the site.
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Thread: Poll: No Man Sky
Forum: Xbox One

If i remember correctly the bashing was because they promised way more then they could deliver. Might be a decent game if you are into explore space. I will most likely not be getting it, what was it...
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Puzzle Quest 2 (Xbox 360) - Arcade Completion #61

Here ( is my review
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I've unlocked the 50 & 100 badges in the Challenge Accepted series, but have only unlocked 30 challenges. Just bringing it to your attention.
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