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dropped all the orbs and a couple million gold between the wife's and my account.
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Thread: Poll: Sync problems

Everything except your login problems.
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No one said no, so I'm planning on dropping the orbs my wife and I have collected next week. Probably dump some good gold early in the week as well. Kinda a bummer it's a doom tower week, but oh...
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Thread: Poll: AF 2019, WWHDD
Forum: General Chat

I've been in a rut for over a year. Gaming has taken a back seat to work. The promotion that came with working my ass off was nice, but I'm now doing the work of three or more people and 6 day...
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I'm thinking the week of Achievement Fest, how about it? Start dropping orbs and gold on 7/15 for all the prizes, and then we can all high five each other in Terre Haute over fishbowl Margaritas.
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Thread: Resolved Completion % Issue

Dang it, lost 40% off my completion rate and back amongst the muggles.
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Thread: Resolved Completion % Issue

I'm at 117% completion rate, and that's why I'm better than futiles.

Ask me anything.
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July 18-22

Was just coming in to post, but got distracted by real life.
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Why not just save up for a couple of weeks and knock out a few tasks at once. It would funnel the other smaller donations into completing the rest of the tasks, and encourage some of us that have...
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Also, I'm sitting on enough orb of clans for 3300 seals, and the wife has enough for 3600. Just been saving them up for when we get close enough cash them in for the 40k chests. If a couple others...
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My tower team for the week of 2/18/19

Sharptooth (tower killer, maxed)
Mang (Sorcerer class)
Scylla (2 traits, not mythic)
Kraken (not mythic, but otherwise maxed)
Slayer Banner (+2 brown, +1...
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Thread: Poll: Baby pTart
Forum: General Chat

Just tell him "what would hotdog do?"
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You know why grandparents and grandkids get along so well?

They have a common enemy.

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12:3 has a luck scroll
12:5 has the unlock scroll

Can't figure out how to post in the guild chat for some reason
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I seem to miss every round of spam.
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mrs hotdog is looking for the hot tower team this week if anyone has any ideas.
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could use some advice for the raid boss this week. Can't seem to figure out what synergizes the best from Broken Spire.
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Looking for 1 (maybe 2) people who want to join up for a regular Friday night raiding/activity session once Forsaken content drops. Moderate amount of skill/gear preferred, but it is more important...
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Thread: Pinned: Epic Challenge 2018
Forum: Gaming Chat

Re-completed Human Fall Flat
Clockwork 13.42
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Thread: Pinned: Epic Challenge 2018
Forum: Gaming Chat

Rocket League
378.07 - Join the Club!
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