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Thread: Poll: Sync problems

It appears to be functioning correctly for me also.
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Thread: Poll: Sync problems

I unlocked achievements on 7/4 that haven't been synced.
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Any progress on this?? Wondering if the cause might be that I had pinned an activity and was adding comments to said pinned item to increase my site-wide comment count?
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Wondering if there's any progress update on this, as I still am encountering the issue.
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The only problem I seem to be running into currently, is if I try to click on any of the links that are supposed to direct me to, I get the error...
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When I attempt to visit my profile page, I get the following error message:

This page isn’t working; is currently unable to handle this request.

I logged...
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TA has lists they publish monthly that consist of fairly quick, easy completions (most are under 1-2 hours) with varying prices, so I would check those.
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Thread: Extra Life 2019
Forum: General Chat

Pretty sure Maine is part of the US Northeast, since I've lived in Washington State for 36 years and have known it as the Pacific Northwest. Unless somehow Maine got teleported over here and I've...
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Thread: Resolved Completion % Issue

I also got a number of completion percentage increases over the weekend.
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When a new mythic is released periodically, it is the only mythic available in the chests that are opened with glory, gem, guild and VIP keys. So those are the best times to use guild keys/seals if...
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I think pTart meant to write what team are you using, but wrote time instead, so I felt a need to poke fun at the error.
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Guessing he's using one of the four main time zones on the U.S.
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So, filtering to apps only on TA, I have 41 unlocked achievements, which is the difference between the 3,905 on here and the 3,864 on TA. Still doesn't explain the difference of 127 additional that...
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Still doesn't explain how this site and others have counted more unlocked achievements than the Xbox website, which is pulling stats directly from your Xbox Live account.
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I got my total by going through and counting the number of unlocked achievements for each game, since the site doesn't seem to have a cumulative total number like other sites do. Granted, I don't...
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Out of curiosity, I was looking around on the site in the last few days and noticed there is a sizable difference in the amount of achievements I have unlocked according to two different sources on...
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Thread: Resolved Completion % Issue

Over the past few days (including as of this post), the sync status page has been showing that Gamertag Profiles, Achievements and Game History are all experiencing issues with syncing properly. My...
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I would recommend sending a PM to one of the staff, just in case they haven't noticed this thread.
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Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink
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The weekly ones are not retroactive, however the yearly ones are.
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Thread: Poll: Baby pTart
Forum: General Chat

Clearly this child will be a mini Pop-Tart.
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Thread: Pinned: Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here

Was this supposed to be posted in another thread?
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