What's The Hardest Achievement You Have Ever Unlocked?

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This can range from grinding to difficulty level. Whatever achievement you may find to be the hardest you ever got. Mine personally is Amazing Rockstar on Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. It took a ton of grinding and skill to complete all Expert career on all instruments. It was also very frustrating.
That one is tough. I gave up on that game unable to get it. Congrats. Mine is probably Dance Instructor on Dance Central. Some of the songs were incredibly difficult to 5 star.
Survive 1,000,000 Points in Geometry Wars: Retro Evovled
Mine would be G.O.A.T because it was impossible to find someone who was Rank 50 Big Grin. Either that or Aperture Science in Orange Box. I got Gold in everything easy expect for one chamber. I could not get it in 50- seconds and I kept trying for over an hour.
Probably a tie-
'Gold Trophy' in Splinter Cell Double Agent (long MP grind- met some great players though)
'Path of the Acolyte' in Ninja Gaiden 2 (loved that game but the end boss- Wow- even on the 'easy' difficulty)
Grinding - Seriously 3.0 (1700+hrs total, w/3 consoles running 19hrs/day on avg.)
Hardest - maybe for completing all of the Rock Band location achievements solo, while playing bass or guitar and singing at the same time.
i would say seriously 3.0 as well not the hardest ive done but def the most time consuming it took me over a year n a half just cause it was so boring toward the end
Super grindy - "Doubles" on Domino Master and "Dynasty Warrior" on Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce

Skills* - "The Final Countdown" on Lego Rock Band and "Get Your Boogie On" on Guitar Hero World Tour
Survive 1,000,000 Points in Geometry Wars: Retro Evovled
Originally Posted by futiles
I wouldn't know......

pTartS final countdown was the original *

for me, marathon in Trials HD. None of my friends are cool enough to do it...yet.
According to TA, the 3 wizard modes for the original PFX. But on my own personal scale: Master Pioneer & Extreme Soldier in Lost Planet.
for me, marathon in Trials HD. None of my friends are cool enough to do it...yet.
Originally Posted by Hotdogmcgee
Yeah, yeah... I'll git er done...
Earning 1000 GS on Infinite Undiscovery was probably the most difficult I've dealt with. It feels like Tri-Ace hates you as a player sometimes.
For Hobbs, finally completing Avatar on his fifth try
According to TA, it's reaching level 20 in Game Room but that's definitely not my choice. I'd say either completing all T-hunts solo on Realistic in R6V or completing Kane and Lynch 2 on extreme difficulty. That game on extreme sent me into extreme rage mode more times than I care to admit.
Nice, I hate I don't have any super hard achievements on any RB/GH's... no matter how good I think I am lol

Hardest for me? Mile High Club... at least I think that's spawned the most cussing and possible controller breakages :P
Longest grind will be the Hopocidal Maniac achievement eventually on RB3.. once I get that I'm probably going to retire the damn game.
Grinding - Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic in GTA IV took me 1.5 yrs of playing on and off. Thankfully, my checklist was accurate and the ach popped when expected.

Skill based - All platinum medals in PGR3. and All platinum medals in PGR4.

Frustrating but persevered and still got it - Mile high club COD4. Took me about 6 hrs of practice.
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Survive 1,000,000 Points in Geometry Wars: Retro Evovled
Originally Posted by futiles

Runner-ups that were skill based and satisfying to complete:

"Speed Run" in Braid
"Brain Master" in Brain Challenge
"No Point in Dying" in Limbo
Circuit Breaker in the OG Kinect Sports game. That took me forever, and I had to do physical exertion as well, so that is mine.
Reviving another old thread but there are new people around or people who have been around and are now posting like me.

This is my hardest achievement.


Clear area 6-15 in adventure mode in the game Pac-Man Championship Edition 2. I think I am pretty good at Pac-Man games. With that said this was a HUGE pain in the ass. When I unlocked this achievement, I think my score was in the top 20 in the world.
Toughest achievements for me:

Longest time taken in one sitting: Speedrunner in Tiles. https://www.gamertagnation.com/achie...s.php?a=145670 Took me 5 hours to get it.

Time Constraint: Unbelievably Fast in Tapping Skill Test. https://www.gamertagnation.com/achie...s.php?a=142565 Took me several nights to get it.

Luck Based: Master Passer in Pac-Man. https://www.gamertagnation.com/achievements.php?a=35406 Needed luck for this one.

100% Completion for a Single Platform before Shutdown: All 7 achievements in Twins. https://www.gamertagnation.com/games.php?g=4475

Focus Demanding: Super Monster Bouncer in Doodle Jump. https://www.gamertagnation.com/achievements.php?a=39192 Tough. Had to formulate a super detailed guide for this one after getting it.

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