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Achievement Fest 2023 Update:

We are 55 days away, and about 30ish away from still being able to have your name on the shirt. We have 47 Adult Attendees registered, 5 AF Jr, and 4 eBash staff. We almost have more adult attendees registered than total attendees on the shirt from 2019 (our biggest year). So, 2023 will be our largest year, and we have time to make it even larger.

We still plan on the following events:

Thursday, July 27, dinner and drinks at Real Hacienda. This is a yearly tradition, however, unless they actually take our need for planning seriously, we may have to find a new place. Rolling in with 35+ people, giving them warning weeks in advance, and them saying it isn't an issue, and it being an issue, is frustrating.

Friday, July 28, PICTURE DAY. Just before the RBC (see below), we will gather all the AF Attendees together, outside, in front of the store, and take our yearly group photo. This is the day to wear the AF2023 shirt. We will then walk (yes, walk) to dinner...

Friday, July 28, the Real Buffet Challenge. Golden Corral, walking distance even for gamers from eBash. New rule for AF2023, each person that goes must bring $5 cash to tip. Tipping was an issue previously, and we will not let that happen again.

Friday - Sunday, July 28-30. eBash will be available around the clock this whole time. We may have to work out some logistics about who does and does not have key access, but, as long as someone is in the building, we should have the ability to let people in and out.

Saturday, July 29, Square Donuts. A Terre Haute Institution. Donuts, but square. We will buy A LOT, you will have a lot. There will still be some Sunday. You will continue to eat them. Square Donuts...

Sunday, July 30, pack your stuff. At some point on Sunday, you will leave. We will miss you. Tears will be shed. Hugs will be given. We will see you next year.

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