Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 (Archenemy campaign)

Xbox 360

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I'm working through my started games at the moment and I'm on Magic 2012. I've got to say that despite having played MTG since the early days of the card game I have never experienced Archenemy until now. I haven't played the card game in some years and if Duels 2012 is any indication, this gameplay style would infuriate me. I don't get how, even with a 3-1 game set up, the "archenemy" is allowed such powerful cards at no cost every turn. Maybe it wouldn't seem so bad if the AI didn't seem to get exactly what card and what Scenario it needed almost every turn. I seriously doubt I'll play this game type/mode again once I've earned all related achievements. Am I alone in this or do you guys like Archenemy?

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