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Ah it's November.......WHAT! Its November already!!! Oh man, oh, man, oh man.....and speaking of a man, we get pretty manly man this month.. he was one of the few the proud the, what!? really the few.. there have been like a million.....well I guess in comparison to the regular folk.. oh ok where was I.. Oh yea, (start dramatic music here) (Que Fireworks) a man, a veteran, a gamer.. here this month we can give thanks to all of our great veterans here at GTN and everywhere, but right now lets give a warm community welcome to one of our own resident Marines...

Name: Jordan Umpleby

Where do you live?:
A small Florida town called Ocala

What do you do for a living?
I recently got out of the Marine Corps and am currently in college pursuing a degree in computer science.

Tell me about your Gamertag?
First off I do want to say my last name is pronounced UM-PULL-BEE. I was playing football with some friends and I made a good catch and someone called me Umplebeast94. The name has stuck ever since.

When did you start playing?
My dad was super into video games when I was a kid so we used to play Super Mario 64 a lot. I was around 6ish then so I think the bonding experience we had through video games stuck with me and it's been a part of my life ever since.

What's your play style? Ex: booster? Completionist? How often and long do you play?
I typically only boost if online servers are fairly inactive and it's hard to find a game. For completions, with me being so late into it, I know a lot of games I can never complete and I'm okay with that. I would like to see my completion total go up but if it's stuck forever at 90% I can live with it. I have a lot of gamerscore goals I'd like to accomplish so currently if I'm playing I can be going for a full day. It does depend though on the situation.

What is your current gaming set up like?
I have my desk with a 32 inch tv with one Xbox 360 and one Xbox one. I'm not running some of these fancy multibox or multiregion boxes some people have. I just like to have my 360 around to play games that aren't backwards compatible yet and my Xbox one for the new stuff coming out. I'm only 3 years into hunting so I have more games to work with than I know what to do with.

Tell me a good gaming story or experience? ex: Epic win/fail, marathon, accomplishment, a time you visited a game convention or met someone...or anything.
I did a boosting party for the Far Cry 4 online achievement and it was a mix of American, British, and Australian gamers. It's cool to see first hand how far reaching the gaming community is.

Do you have a special shout out to anyone in particular in the gaming community?
I gotta shout out my friends who don't achievement hunt but are still willing to play co-op in games to help me get achievements. So shout out to Dillon, Aka; Bigdill10 and Mason, Aka; IsItRelyHimDaD

What's your favorite game genre?
Anything open world. Specific genres generally don't automatically hook me but open world like GTA, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls are a lot of fun for me

What’s your favorite game on 360? ONE? Of all time (any system)
360 it's without question Bioshock. For the one it's a lot closer of a race. I'd probably have to go with Fallout 4 for the Xbox one. All time is Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. It was the first game I completed 100% on my own so that game has a special place in my heart

What is your worst game and Why?
Generally anything racing is not my strong suit. Whether it's a racing specific game like DiRT or just a part of the game like GTA V I'm definitely not the best at it. So if we play anything online that involved driving don't ask me to drive.

If you were a Video Game or game character who and why?
I'm actually not sure. I guess I've never thought about that before. Maybe some fellow community members would like to do the honors?

Are you looking forward to any new releases?
Specifically I want to see Star Wars Battlefront II. I've been waiting for a campaign since they announced the original Battlefront for the Xbox one.

What else do you do besides gaming?
I enjoy sports both playing and watching. I watch mostly football and basketball. For college football I like the Florida Gators and pro I like the Miami Dolphins. Basketball I like the Orlando Magic. As far as playing I'll play just about anything that gets me active.

Do you collect or not so much?
I'm slowly building mine up. I have a pretty solid 360 collection right now. My N64 collection is growing as well.

What's your favorite feature on GTN?
I like how easy it is to look at gamerscore stats. The box on the side of the page is really convenient. The badges are a really nice touch too

What would you tell people about GTN if you were trying to get them to join?
That it's a very unique site that does some things better than other achievement hunter websites.

Is there anything you would like added to the site?
I would like to see more competitions. I could just not be seeing them when they're running but I do enjoy competition. It just gives me a little extra something to push for.

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Thanks you Jordan for the excellent interview and thank you for your service. You'll get your new service ribbon, er badge, on your profile here shortly. Oh and..Prepare to drop!
Thank you for your service! And congrats on MotM.
Awesome read Smile

Congrats and Welcome to the MotM Club!!! Big Grin
Congrats and thank you for your service!
Good read and: Welcome to the not so secret MotM-club Smile
Great read - I always enjoy getting to know the members of the community a little bit better. Though I have to chuckle, his first system was the N64, that was my jam in High School. I know I'm one of the younger members of the community, but that made me feel old, lol.
Great read - I always enjoy getting to know the members of the community a little bit better. Though I have to chuckle, his first system was the N64, that was my jam in High School. I know I'm one of the younger members of the community, but that made me feel old, lol.
Originally Posted by pTartTX
Hey sorry for never responding on here I was drowning in school this semester. I played NES and SNES as well it was just specifically playing 64 with my dad that left an impression on me. I'm 23 turning 24 in a month so I'm not super young either.

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