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If anyone who's been tirelessly working to finish all of their games on WP curious/angry/dissapointed to see that the achievements aren't showing up in here, I need to tell you that since the end of October, there's an outage of Xbox Live on WP. Achievements do unlock, but they're not syncing to Xbox Live, and therefore, GTN or TrueAchievements. We don't have any kind of information when it's going to be fixed, if at all.
Pretty sure it will be never, thought that was the last I heard.
this sincerely makes me sad

i loved my WP and especially the xbox achievements aspect. actually just found and charged my phone 2 days ago to try and start working on some old completions Frown

as with all things good, RIP live mobile services
i still have my last wp but cant do anything with it anymore phone still sees every app i had but because of a corrupted memory card everything is unavailable and i haven't been able to even open the game store for a while
yea, all my apps are there.. actually played one of the angry birds games earlier and popped an achievement... but the xbox app just loads the last bit of itself from whenever --- which was a loooong time ago, i was sitting at 111111:gs: haha
I myself hasn't done anything on the WP yet, because I'm not 100% sure whether after it comes back online (if it will) the achievements unlocked during the issue will get synced.
i was able to get doodle god blitz when i could still get into the game store and it seemed liked everything synced at that time but it was the end of September 19

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