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Hey all, I'm looking for recommendations for game series or individual games that require a lot of reading. Ideally something where you have to read because there is no spoken dialogue. Something with captions that can't be turned off or a mixture of voice acting and mandatory text would also work, or something where maybe the dialogue is voiced but the game mechanics still require reading. Something like the old King's/Space Quest games but more modern that would still be of interest for a kid. I work with kids who have learning disabilities, mostly kids 12 and under, so the content would ideally need to be no more than PG-13 level. Something more mature could do in a pinch since I do work with some older teens on occasion but that 8-12 age range is really what I'm aiming for. Doesn't need to be an educational game (in fact it's probably better if it isn't), just anything that will keep them practicing those reading skills.
Maybe Monkey Island? I don't remember if you can turn off the text and the "sword fights" consist of hurling silly insults at each other. The games are of the point and click variety.
I remember growing up with subtitles on playing the Final Fantasy series - namely Final Fantasy VII - X. At the time I felt it expanded my vocabulary immensely though I understand how that may not exactly what you're looking for.

For a more kid-friendly experience Kingdom Hearts and the LEGO series could fit that niche with subtitles on. There's the added bonus there in boosting the player's problem solving skills too.

Last recommendation I can think of is Little Mouse's Encyclopedia. It's an easy game related to learning about animals and plants and seems very kid-friendly for the purpose of educational content.

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