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Base game / DLC completions

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× 4 (25.00%) Base game completions tracking

× 7 (43.75%) It's only completed if the DLC is completed.

× 5 (31.25%) I don't care. I'm just here for the poll.

  • Added 07-18-2021 09:51 PM
  • 16 votes
Not really a feature request, more of a question, so I brought it here to general chat...

I noticed a small difference between what GTN said was my completed game total and what TA said. After some digging, I see that Killer Instinct and Project Spark both show as completed on TA, but because I still have DLC achievements unearned, neither show as completed here on GTN. I'm curious if there is a particular reason why GTN doesn't track base game completions, only full game completions (and, ironically DLC completions for the badges lol). Change it, or don't, either way is fine.; I'm just curious as to the reasoning behind the decision. Smile
I believe it's the other way round, as TA has an option in the site settings that each member can set up to include all DLC, no DLC, or only the DLC you own in your completion statistics and GTN will only track the DLC for a game if you unlock one or more DLC achievements. For example, GTN counts me as having completed The Force Unleashed, even though I've only completed the base game; whereas TA doesn't count that game as one of my completions since I have the "include All DLC" option selected in my site settings.

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