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I would like to start earning the Arcade Fire Badges, so if anyone has a list of Xbox Arcade games please let me know! These badges are just for playing Arcade games, but I'd Still like to complete as many as I can at 100%, so if anyone also knows of any that are quick and easy, please let me know! Thanks.
Feel free to check out my game library and hit me up if we have any in common that we can help each other with. I can also double box any that are backwards compatible, if that helps.
Yeah definitely, that would be great. I'll take a look and let you know. DR2 Case West and Alan Wakes American Nightmare are 2 off the top of my head that I'll eventually want to play and complete
Check out TA for their list of games here:

And be sure to filter the list for Xbox Live Arcade (under the 'Other filter' category) and games that are listed as available for purchase.
Likewise, we have a detailed list of Xbox Live Arcade games that you can filter on here:

You can take it a step further by filtering this list to only show games you have not played, or perhaps just those in your wishlist if you use that feature. Hope that helps!

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