Is there still a thread for new badge ideas??

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Just wondering if there was still a thread for it, it used to be right at the top but I haven't seen it for a while. I had a couple that might be good so was just curious if you guys were still making new badges.

-There might be one for playing a game in the Wolfenstein series, I might have seen it but not entirely sure, but I haven't seen one for completing a game in the series.
-Another for completing a game in The Walking Dead series. But that might be too easy so you could have one for completing seasons 1, 2, A New Frontier, and the Final Season.
-And last, I know there are a couple for earning 5000, 10,000 (I think), and 15,000 gamer score in a week. You could have one for earning a higher amount in a month. Like 25,000, 50,000, 75,000 etc.
It's still there, but it's just not recent enough to show under "Browse Forums". It's pinned to the top of the "Feature Requests" forum.
Yes, the badge request thread is located here:

You may post your badge requests there. I will close this thread now.

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