What types of games do you play other than video games?

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What other types of non-video games do you play?

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× 20 (74.07%) Board games (chess, monopoly, Catan, etc)

× 16 (59.26%) Card games (Great Dalumuti, Uno, Phase 10, etc)

× 3 (11.11%) CCG/TCGs (Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, etc)

× 6 (22.22%) RPGs (Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Vampire: The Masquerade, etc)

× 8 (29.63%) Sports (Baseball, Softball, Basketball, etc)

× 3 (11.11%) Other (Please tell us what in the comments)

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Obviously, we all play video games. Otherwise we wouldn't be here on Gamertag Nation. What other types of games do you enjoy playing? The categories will be general, so feel free to list some of your specific favorites in the comments. I'll also include a category for "Other" in case I'm overlooking or forgetting something.

Me, I enjoy tabletop games: board games, card games, CCG/TTGs, and RPGs.
I have been know to play some Pen & Paper D&D with family.
Lots of board games, the occasional jigsaw, quite a bit of playing card games, and a lot of puzzles (Sudoku, Arrowwords etc)
I don't play that much anymore, but I like card games. Spades and hearts are my favorites
More tabletop than video games now. Wargames, board games, mysteries, and dexterity games.

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