Have you ever backed/supported a crowd funding page?

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Have you ever backed or supported a crowd funding page or project?

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× 4 (18.18%) No, I would never.

× 7 (31.82%) No, but I would consider it.

× 2 (9.09%) Yes, Go Fund Me

× 10 (45.45%) Yes, Kickstarter

× 2 (9.09%) Yes, Gamefound

× 1 (4.55%) Yes, Patreon

× 0 (0%) Yes, Other (please mention in the comments)

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Have you ever supported a cause or backed a project on a crowd funding site? If so, what did you back/support?
I have done both Kickstarter and GameFound. I've done several table top games (board games and card games), a video game, and Brandon Sanderson's most recent set of books.
I've backed many a tabletop game on KS(bunch of board games and a Crokinole board). I avoid crowd funded digital projects.
I helped fund a couple of my favorite artist Simon Bisley's projects on Kickstarter.
I help fund several projects I was interested in. One of which was the Switchbot - an automated robot of sorts that attachs to a curtain rod and opens/closes the curtains automatically. I currently have them setup on Google Assistant so I can talk to my phone and open/close my curtains. So yeah I've been on a bit of a home automation kick recently.

I also helped fund the Super Troopers 2 movie. So yeah not the best money spent there. Lol
Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Kickstarter. Plus a friend of mine's son was trying to start a gaming site, but I forget which site that was on.

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