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I was wondering if when you went into the list of a game and see the completions if you could have numbers next to peoples names, even if your 23rd to complete a game it's still cool to know that, as looking by date it's hard to tell so having 1, 2, 3 etc as you go down would be much easier Smile
Status changed to 'Under Review' - This is definitely something I'd like to do. The question is, let's say you're the 4th person to complete a game on the site. Then, over time more people register and have their games synced to the site. As a result, you may actually be the 9th person to complete said game. Would you want it to reflect the order in which you completed the game at the time of completion or in accordance to the live data which may change as others register here?
yes changing via live data would be the best way to go as it's proper reflection of the true time you completed said game Smile I Don't mind being knocked down if someone beat it before me just good to have an idea of what number you are Smile

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