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Hi everyone. There will be a new feature coming soon to GTNation. The community interview feature will be starting in 2 weeks and I need some members to step forward to be interviewed. Anyone is welcome to sign up whether it's on your own, as part of a group or if you think that someone deserves to be interviewed just post your name in this forum and I will contact you soon. The reason for these interviews is to pull in more people to the site as I will be posting them on 3 sites dedicated to gamers with a link at the end of each article to this site. Help make GTNation bigger and better just by answering a few questions about your gamertag and game life.
I would not mind being interviewed. Im thoroughly enjoying the site thus far and am excited to contribute and watch it develop.
I'd be happy to help out, if you need.
Thanks for all your offers and as I haven't received a reply from this months participant I shall call upon one of you to take part instead.
Originally Posted by EightVessel6908
As the last post in this thread was in 2013, we should probably just let this thread stay dead. Wink

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