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Do you own another gaming console aside from Xbox/PC? (select all that apply)

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× 1 (4.00%) Playstation 5

× 8 (32.00%) Playstation 3/4/Vita

× 9 (36.00%) Nintendo Switch/3DS

× 3 (12.00%) Nintendo Wii

× 2 (8.00%) Oculus/Other VR

× 16 (64.00%) Nope - Xbox/PC for Life!

  • Added 04-07-2021 11:15 AM
  • 25 votes
  • Multiple choice enabled
I'm a big proponent for Xbox and all it has to offer (obviously) but as the console wars continue to rage on I'm curious what other gaming consoles you guys have.

Without further ado, let's get the voting and discussion started on our 2nd ever Featured Poll!
Nothing is available on the other consoles that I would be interested in. There is just a lack of new IPs and ideas in the industry in general. To many remasters, sequels, broken unfinished launched games. Still have tons of games from the 360 days to play through. I'll be sticking with my Xbox.
I just haven't been able to grab a PS5, yet. Of course, I only started really trying last week...
I currently have 360, X1, Series X, PS4, Wii U, and Switch Lite. I may eventually get a PS5.
I have a ps3, skipped the 4, and I’m planning to get a 5 when they do their mid-generation upgrade, assuming they do it. I loved the god of war games and it sounds like the Spider-Man games have been masterpieces. Xbox will always be my go-to but I really enjoyed the flexibility of having both in the 7th Gen.
Both the kids have a Switch and a Series S.
We've an unused PS4 in the house.
I play on a One S while I'm waiting to find a Series X.

My oldest son is working through the older Pokémon games on the 3DS too.

Wii's can't double as toasters, so I no longer have that. (Drives and butter don't mix... Who knew?)

Game Cube and Mega Drive are in the loft.
currently in my possession i have a snes, an n64, a gamecube, a game boy advance, a 3ds, a switch, a playstation, a ps3 an og xbox, my original 360, my red resident evil 5 bundle 360 and a white 360 slim, my day 1 xbox one, and the project scorpoio one

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