Beta 7.0 - MyAchievements Sorts not working

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Trying to use the Achievemets Sorts on the page

and they don't seem to be working.
Status changed to 'Logged' - Thank you for letting me know about this. I'll work on a fix for this and report back once it's resolved.
Same for trying to sort on my games page.

Can't sort by first completion
Status changed from 'Logged' to 'Info Needed' - This should be resolved now. I've tested each of the sort options under your achievements and games pages.

Let me know if you're still experiencing issues and I'll check further.
Games page is good.

I presume the intent for "First Played" to be games started by descending date?

Achievements page does what it says on the tin.

the sort button uses an up and down arrow? is there supposed to be a way to invert the results? (ie Recently unlocked <=> Earliest Unlocks)

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