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What’s your favorite Battlefield game?

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× 2 (7.69%) Battlefield 1942

× 0 (0%) Battlefield: Vietnam

× 1 (3.85%) Battlefield 2

× 2 (7.69%) Battlefield: Bad Company

× 3 (11.54%) Battlefield 1943

× 1 (3.85%) Battlefield: Bad Company 2

× 7 (26.92%) Battlefield 3

× 3 (11.54%) Battlefield 4

× 1 (3.85%) Battlefield 1

× 0 (0%) Battlefield V

× 1 (3.85%) Battlefield 2042

× 5 (19.23%) Never played them

× 0 (0%) Battlefield 2142

  • Added 09-22-2023 05:57 PM
  • 26 votes
It’s the 21st anniversary of the franchise this week, so it’s as good a time as any for a poll.
Unpopular opinion, but i actually enjoy Battlefield 2042 alot now. I have the most hours in it so far that i have in any Battlefield Game. I also liked Battlefield 1, however most games seem to be filled with very experienced hardcore players and they seem to only prefer the maps which i find bad. I played Battlefield V, but the performance on my PC was so bad that it was unplayable.
Battlefield 3 is awesome and it was the turning point for a better Battlefield games.
Just realized I forgot to include Battlefield 2142 as an option in this poll. I’ve never heard someone call it their favorite BF game, but if it’s yours, my bad.
1943 all the way!
Originally Posted by C64 Mat
What a pleasant surprise that game was. When I first learned it was only a few maps instead of a full BF1942 remaster I was a bit disappointed, but it ended up being a perfect stripped-down BF game.

I used a gamerpic from BF1943 (the Corsair flying low over Wake Island) as my gamerpic for most of the 360 era, so it has a special place in my heart for that as well.

I believe the servers are closing in December, I need to play a few more matches for old times sake…
Battlefield 2142 is now an option in the poll.
never played half of these. wish they did more vietnam era games, or make a rambo game where you're in vietnam. seriously, anything vietnam related is barely touched, and i admire that about battlefield
Cannot beat the original Battlefield 1942.

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