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I was wondering if anyone here had a active Clash Royale clan?. I'm looking to join one I just started playing the game. Trying to get my son to level so he can tag along.
I've been hoping around trying to find a clan that gets the clan chest every week. The one I'm currently in knocked it out the park last week. People do come and go but setting at 48/50 members right now and I'm not an elder to accept you.

Name of the clan: SPAAAAAARTA!!!

I've seen the leaders get onto people for bad language and keeping people straight. If not, they get kicked out.
Figured I'd update this to reflect the clan I'm currently in which has been the best I've been in so far. Higher percentage of making clan chest lvl 10. They kick people out at the end of the week who don't participate or donate so there are slots open like every Monday to get in. There is even a feeder clan if you can't stay active in the main one.

Clan name: AUTOSWAG (#8Y9LY8)

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