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Which one do you have?

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× 14 (66.67%) Netflix

× 1 (4.76%) Hulu

× 6 (28.57%) Both

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  • 21 votes
Does anyone suggest or recommended a good tv show or movie?

If you do make sure to say either on Netflix or Hulu!
On Netflix:

Stranger Things
Jessica Jones & other Marvel shows
F is for Family
Marco Polo

Others non Netflix shows:
The Clone Wars
Black Mirror
The Walking Dead
Better Call Saul
Breaking Bad
American Horror Story
Family Guy
Penny Dreadful

Off the top of my head, that should keep ya busy for a while...
I did the Hulu free trial. The only series I found worth it was Fargo.
I use both. They both have their own discrete content which I find worth it. I watch movies and Netflix Originals on Netflix, and I watch more recent TV on Hulu.

For example, I watched the whole gamut of Bob's Burgers on Netflix, and then hopped right over to Hulu to watch the latest season. Wife and I love watching things like Master of None on Netflix, but also keeping up to date with Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu.

I think they both have a library that justify themselves. Only mark I'd have against Hulu is the bizarre pricing structure they have between free, paid with ads, paid without ads, paid with extras, etc.
I've always looked at Netflix as a movie place and Hulu as the TV place. If you like watching TV shows more than movies, then I would lean toward Hulu.

Only thing is Netflix has been putting out really good TV series with in the last year so I've found myself watching TV shows on Netflix more. I'll even wait until the entire season shows up, then binge watch the entire season on it.

I recommend getting both but if you're just wanting one, just look at the content offered to see which one you would watch more and pick that one.
I've only had Netflex for a short amount of time, but I would recommend
Bojack Horseman and Stranger Things. Im sure there are plenty of shows/movies that I don't know about. These are just a couple off the top of my head.
Hopefully you find something that peeks your interest.
I use Netflix more for old shows to catch up on or rewatch (though I do watch some of the original content; especially the Marvel stuff) and Hulu for current shows (in place of Cable). Though, for some, I need to use other streaming apps, like CW. I also use the free Crackle app, but almost exclusively for "Super Mansion".
Does anyone suggest or recommended a good tv show or movie?

If you do make sure to say either on Netflix or Hulu!
Originally Posted by assassincreed83
Depends on what you like, give us some more to go on: What shows do you like, what type if stuff are you into? But Stranger Things was good if you like sci fi
I watch vudu movies n tv as its free n never cost a dime. Hulu n netflix are complete ripoffs

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