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Maxemin222 has submitted achievement updates for Crackdown.

Proposed Updates:

Title: Agency Explosives Expert
[ID: 3604]
- Cumulative: Yes

Title: Agency Athlete
[ID: 3603]
- Cumulative: Yes

Title: Agency Wheelman
[ID: 3602]
- Cumulative: Yes

Title: Agency Brawler
[ID: 3601]
- Cumulative: Yes

Title: Agency Marksman
[ID: 3600]
- Cumulative: Yes

Title: Master Agent
[ID: 3599]
- Cumulative: Yes

Title: Orb Hunter
[ID: 3584]
- Collectible: Yes

Title: Free Runner
[ID: 3583]
- Collectible: Yes

Title: Los Muertos Intel Master
[ID: 3581]
- Main Storyline: Yes

Title: Volk Intel Master
[ID: 3580]
- Main Storyline: Yes

Title: Shai-Gen Intel Master
[ID: 3579]
- Main Storyline: Yes

Title: Los Muertos Cleanser
[ID: 3577]
- Main Storyline: Yes

Title: Volk Cleanser
[ID: 3576]
- Main Storyline: Yes

Title: Shai-Gen Cleanser
[ID: 3575]
- Main Storyline: Yes

Title: The Trifecta
[ID: 3574]
- Main Storyline: Yes

Title: Rampage
[ID: 3572]
- Time-Limited: Yes

Title: It's Good To Be Connected
[ID: 3571]
- Collectible: Yes

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SojerManLan, Obsidian Tides, Vitiated1

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Thank you for these corrections! I've applied all but the first couple of cumulative labels you submitted. Based on my research those particular achievements aren't cumulative tallied. No worries though, the rest of your label updates were solid!

I've added this to your approved submissions total. Thanks again!

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